Tim Ryan (March 2010 team member)

Next team is in place and ready to go. Our travel dates are March 21 – March 30th. This team will travel to Jeremie Haiti. Jeremie is located at the far SW part of Haiti. This was an area that was overrun with refugees after the quake. The team will be seeing a great deal of primary care along with follow up wound care.  Please keep this team and the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers.

One thought on “Tim Ryan (March 2010 team member)

  1. Barbara Lee


    My son, John Jurkas, and I used to attend Holy spirit and have been keeping up with you guys from friends at HS. John is now in college but both he and I are interested in going on a trip to help possibly this Summer. I’m sure you are planning one month at a time but if you could possibly keep us in mind, that would be great.

    Prayers and thanks for all you guys are doing.
    Take care,

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