From Kristie Potts 3/25

We think we 300 patients today in the clinic and finished before 3P.  Again we saw some of the typical Haiti things-scabies, coughs, hypertension, yeast inficetions, acid reflux, and malnourishment.  Then there are the unusual like a tumor in the hard palette that extended into the maxillary sinus, a hydrocephalus, our amputated toe pt from our first day that returns daily for a dressing change, malaria, poss TB, and a foley catheter change.  We should all becomiing experts on all the skin stuff-scabies, ringworm, impetigo, and fungal infections.  We all might treat ourselves for scabies and worms ehen we leave here!  Our Creole interpreters are awesome and are so helpful not only with understanding the language but also the culture of the Haitian peolpe.  The patients are very quiet and wait hours without complaining.
   At the end of our day we took a long walk into the valley with our young Creole boys as our guides-all for a tuna snack and $1 each!  We even had time for some Euchre today.  Just a word of warning for anyone who might go on a future trip with TIM, “Don’t be his Euchre partner!”  We found he has Alzheimers and ADD.
Thanks to all those at home who are praying for us and to our families for encouraging us to go.

One thought on “From Kristie Potts 3/25

  1. Shirley Burnham

    So you found out that Tim doesn’t sit still unless he’s sleeping, we found that out on our many missions together.

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