Jim Cwengros 3/25 Update

Very good day today – team saw about 400. We have a great team. Everyone is working well together – we have great laughs – work hard but take time to lauhh – usually at the expense of each other. God always makes it work – we all bring different skills that compliment one another.

Seeing some interesting cases – malaria, post-mumps infections, lots of URIs including a septic baby. We get a kick out of everyone getting dressed up to see us. Some of the kids come in their first communion dresses. We saw lots of school kids today – many have scabies. We ask how many of the family we need to treat – many said 10-14 people – all in one small house. As it stands, there are no tent cities. The estimated 120,000 refuges that have traveled here after the quake have been taken in by the locals. Amazing people.

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