About Haiti Needs You

Haiti Needs You main objective is to recruit medical and dental professionals to travel to Haiti and share their talents with the poorest of the poor.  These talented individuals have been offering a variety of services to the Haitian population that they currently have no access to.  The next step for our program is to expand our teams from general medical and dental to include general surgery, cataract surgery, optometry, and health related education.

Haiti Needs You also organizes college and high school mission groups.  On past trips students have provided people living in corn stalk homes a tarp roof to keep dry during the rainy season, built latrines to provide a cleaner healthier environment, working and interacting with the school children, and conducting in home water tests.  All of our student and medical programs are geared toward improving the health of the people.

Why do we go?  Today, Haiti’s health care system is non existent to those without money.  With the average income 96% of Haitian families being only $1 per day, all of their income is spent on food and other necessities.  Because of this social injustice to the poor of Haiti many adults and children die needless deaths while others suffer their entire lives.  Many Haitians are lucky if they can feed their families one meal per day that may only consist of a small portion of rice.  Sometimes a horrible choice must be made, feed your family or take a dying child to the doctor.   This large gap of social injustice is the gap that we operate within.  Haiti Needs You has always served the poorest of the poor and will continue this practice into the future.

Each time our teams have traveled to Haiti, lives have been saved.  Each year we have seen a positive difference in the health of the people.  You can be a part of this by volunteering your time and talents.  Go to our www.haitineedsyou.com for more information.