January 16

Hello from Betty Krauss … We had a great trip down the mountain. The weather was beautiful and it was a very smooth, relaxing trip down. Our totals for the clinic hours was 427 patients we saw and pulled 965 teeth. We are now sitting at Matthew 25, and it has been fun meeting and …

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January 14

We were up at 6:30 and had breakfast. Clinic was at 8. There was a huge line already when we arrived. The school kids were outside and singing songs and prayers. The kids who were late for school (about 60) were left to wait outside and Father Gilbert had them kneel on the dirt ground …

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January 11 in Seguin and in Michigan

News from Seguin: Dear friends, family, and loved ones, We started the trip being awakened with our flights cancelled out of GR. We drove to Detroit in a commercial passenger van with 7 large and 5 small suitcases. Flew to Miami, spent Thursday night, and had a very peaceful and beautiful bumpy ride up the …

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