Wow! What a week!

Dan Kortering: Wow what a week it has been! It’s crazy to think that in 4 days of clinic we were able to see around 1400 patients in St. Jacques! We saw everything from infected draining wounds to severely dehydrated patients. There were even people that walked for over 6 hours to make it to …

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Medical Clinic News

The group has arrived back in Port au Prince and will be flying home tomorrow.  Here are some blog posts: Amy Veltkamp: Hello to everyone back in America! We are having a great experience in Haiti. Yesterday we started the medical clinic and we have seen about 800 patients so far. Many of the people …

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Children Touched Our Hearts Today

 Tricia Kortering:  Today….well today… Not yet to our medical clinic city. Stayed in Delmas neighborhood at Wall’s guesthouse behind large walls with an armed guard. People are  everywhere trying to sell things to make money to feed their families and just get by. We have had many moments of not being able to express any …

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